Managed Internet Access

Managed High Speed Internet Access is a complicated affair for most Hospitality operators. Different types of users, different systems and different needs has addressed to fully keep your guests happy.

IT technicians with little or no knowledge of trouble shooting different Operating Systems and configurations of the laptops, PDA’s or smart phones that your guests carry along managing secure internet access is a hassle for most Hotels.

Our Managed Internet Access solution eliminates this complex trouble shooting by means of zero configuration technology by overriding the settings of guest devices for the time they are connected to the internet over your infrastructure.

Managed Internet Access solution also takes care of the bandwidth issues faced when one user starts to download large files using up almost the available bandwidth. This is done by allocating a maximum bandwidth limit for individual users, peak times and off-peak times, profile based bandwidth allocation and charge plans. Our Managed Internet Access system offers features that can simplify management of this complex configurations and reduce the cost of maintenance and downtime.

Among the services we offer for Internet access is Internet bandwidth management. We partner with Peplink and Appliansys to deliver link aggregation and internet caching to maximize the usability of available bandwidth and minimize internet downtime

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