Islandwide Ethernet

With the experience and knowledge and with state of the art technologies from major players in the Hospitality sector we have developed the ‘Maldives friendly’ Metropolitan Area Network concepts that are suited for the harsh environment of tropical island nations.

Based on managed Ethernet infrastructures, Island Wide Ethernet is the preferred solution design for any resort/hotel property planning to develop to 5-star or beyond 5-star standards.

Island Wide Ethernets designed by Octopus Systems are future proof and in line with Next Generation Hospitality Technologies. Our Ethernets are fully compliant to Voice over IP, IPTV and IP Video on Demand standards and will support other Hospitality solutions of the future that are IP based. Our solution caters for Layered switching models with network segregation between guest, staff and admin networks ensuring the right content is delivered to the right people.

Hospitality IT Specialist