IPTV, IP VoD & Mobility

Technology that can change the way you offer your guests the desired in-room entertainment you have always wished you had. High Definition IPTV and High Definition movies on demand when your guests want it and at their own convenience.

Most resort islands are secluded from the mainland limiting that number of activities that they can enjoy and hence in-room entertainment is becoming the de facto solution that Hotels and Resorts look for when they want to keep their clients satisfied and loyal.

IP based TV opens the door to various other income generating features like, excursion booking, Spa booking, in-room dining, pay per view movie and any other service that the guests might not have explored personally. Various in-house documentaries can be used to attract your guests to use those facilities.

IP based TV is an investment that will generate more revenue which you would not have otherwise.

Likewise with the use of smartphone applications you can keep your guests at bay and have a direct contact with them even when they are just at the planning stages of their dream vacation.

Hospitality IT Specialist